TED Üniversitesi - Uygulamalı Veri Bilimi Merkezi


TED University is a dynamic city university specializing in specific interdisciplinary fields. In this direction, Data science and its applications are one of the areas of specialization for TED University. Applied Data Science Master Program at TEDU is one of the first programs established in Turkey.


CADS@TEDU offers customized training and capacity building programs in data science, data analytics and data-driven decision making to private sector, public institutions and NGOs.


CADS@TEDU team, working with academics from different departments at TEDU, offers a wide and diverse pool of expertise, especially in the areas of data management strategy, impact analysis, advanced analytics and machine learning applications. CADS@TEDU aims to develop data-oriented projects with the private sector, public institutions and other partners.


Business Analytics

We measure the true value of key variables critical to your business reflected in your company by using predictive models.

Impact Analysis

We measure that which extent activities are creating social and material value by using data science and advanced analytics.

Data Management Strategy

We support organizations in determining their data assets, creating new strategies and creating value from them by defining data-based KPIs.

Artificial Learning Applications

We find solutions to complex problems you may encounter by using machine learning, prediction models, and advanced analytics.

Data Oriented Strategy

We accompany you on the journey of creating data-driven decision mechanisms.

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